Anti-Virus – Stopzilla

A couple of years ago we started testing anti-virus programs. We came across Stopzilla anti-virus. We had never heard of it just like most people. What impressed us first and foremost was Stopzilla was the ONLY anti-virus we found that would completely remove the Redirect Virus. We also noticed that Stopzilla would remove tracking cookies. What is the significance of tracking cookies? Simply, they are put on your computer by every website you visit to cater ads to you. Ads are the way viruses, trojans, malware, hi-jack programs and other things get into your computer. At the time we tested many anti-virus programs we ran across Consumer Reports ranking of “popular” anti-virus programs. The list is below with some of our testing marks. You can see where we ranked them in our own testing. Stopzilla was not a “popular” or well known program so it didn’t get tested.

Consumer Reports Anti-Virus

Consumer Reports Virus Ranking 2012










When we tested Stopzilla against the others we found it to be much more intuitive than any of them. The next thing we wanted to do was be able to offer a free anti-virus program and our first choice on that was AVG Free. We simply found it better than any other of the free anti-virus programs. We also made our decision based on how well the anti-virus programs that we chose worked with the user and didn’t slow the computer down.

Below is a current customer computer that is being scanned by Stopzilla. Nothing else we have tried worked to fix all the add-on stuff on here. We even tried Malwarebytes Pro because it was already loaded on the PC. At the time of this posting the current running Stopzilla had found over 12000 different infections or things that should not be on the computer.

Stopzilla Anti-Virus

Stopzilla Anti-Virus










Below is a link to their anti-virus if you want to purchase it  However, as a reseller we can beat the price and then we support it for you. In addition, we offer something from them that they do not offer online. Stopzilla allows their resellers to sell the AVM Lifetime version. It is $100 but it’s a lifetime version, no annual renewal, and it is transferrable and we can install it for you free. The disclaimer on that is this, you must keep up with the license key that will be emailed to you. If you get us to do a clean-up on your computer, sometimes called a Tune-Up, and we install the AVM Lifetime version we do it for $60 and install it. Please be aware that both programs require us to charge tax. Also, if you do go to their site please notice they offer a separate malware program and optimizer. We have used and tested both and are very impressed.

Rick Eubanks