Be Aware of Scams

We have put this out there many times but because of recent events it merits being said again. Hopefully you will pass this around. There are two things that have happened recently;

  • We had a customer come in with a “custom” computer built by someone he knows who knows someone. This square (yes completely square) box came in with no manufacturer name on it. That wasn’t the biggest problem. A lot of times, not all the time, we can find the different drivers for the network, video, etc. cards. The biggest problem was there wasn’t any notation of a valid Windows Product Key. This most likely means the person that built it was using a pirate copy of Windows. What this means to us is we can’t reload it unless you have proof of a valid key. It could also have some legal ramifications to you if it was reported.
  • We had a customer call talking about a person that called them saying their computer was full of viruses, errors and was about to crash. They wanted $300 to fix it. This is a scam! Pure and simple. Please pass this around it has been happening for a very long time.

Are we the only ones that are trustworthy, know how to work on your equipment or build a computer, absolutely not. What you do need to do is make sure you research who you are using. Were they recommended by someone that used them? Have you checked their reviews online? Are they working out of a local business store?

I am not saying everyone that works out of their house isn’t to be trusted but if they are it needs to be their primary business and they need to have the proper licenses. This way you have some sort of recourse if they don’t do the job right. I know none of us like paying taxes but if someone doesn’t have a valid business registered with the state and a business license then they aren’t paying taxes.

I also highly recommend that the company  you choose has insurance that is specifically related to computer repair, as we do.

Finally, don’t let anyone call you on the phone or even if you have called them, DO NOT LET THEM REMOTE TO YOUR COMPUTER. If you know someone that is local and reputable, then that is fine.

Rick Eubanks

AML Computer Services