Backup, Backup, Backup

How many times should you backup the same data? This may sound like a ridiculous question but it is not. Ask this first, how important is the data to me? Most people store pictures these days on their computer and phone. Very few people have them printed. Do you even own a film camera anymore? If you do, do you actually use it to take pictures and have them printed and save the negative? Doubtful.

It’s not a matter of IF your device will crash, it’s WHEN! So when that happens, what will you lose? Or what is an acceptable loss? NOTHING? Then you need to protect that data.

How do I backup?

First, do it to a local device. Whether you go out and buy a USB external drive or use a USB Flash Drive or CD/DVD. Remember that not one of these things is perfect or incapable of something happening.

You might ask, why not just use an online backup service? Here is the simple reason why. They depend on the internet, the internet is imperfect. What I mean by that is it transfers your data, as it sees it, over to a site. Remember, AS IT SEES IT. That means if it misreads it, the data will be corrupt. Also, it can have errors during transmission. Then finally, it can take a VERY long time for it to be restored.

We like a online backup company called iDrive.

Their interface is much simpler and they aren’t as expensive as Carbonite.

iDrive Interface
iDrive Interface