Who can you trust with computer repair? US! AML Computer Services and here’s why

Some of you have heard this said by us before but I will say it today too. We started this company to give home users, home based businesses and small businesses someone they could trust with their computer repair. Many IT Support companies want the big businesses because it brings in more cash and quicker. They will start out trying to cater to whatever they can to get money in the door and then forget about the individual. Not us, 3.5 years in business and the individual is still our focus and always will be. We started this business because the big box places that offer “IT Service” can afford to lose your business, we can’t. That is one way you can trust us.

We don’t just “work out of our car”, we don’t work out of a barn, we don’t work “out of our house”. Our shop is located very conveniently right off of Hwy 400 in Dawsonville. You can always reach us via phone or email and there is more than one technician. Our pictures of the shop on the website are what our facility actually looks like and the people you talk to are the ones actually working on your equipment. This should give you a sense of trust with our service.

We don’t have family and friends do our reviews on line. Our reviews are done by customers. Our Facebook presence is full of satisfied customers that trust us with their computer repair, cell phone repair and sensitive data on those devices.

Here are some real examples of things that have happened that should help you know why we are the place to choose for your computer and cell phone repair.

  • We had a customer come in with an iPod. The power button was broken. We ordered the button, put it in and the iPod would not power up again at all. We honestly have no idea if we actually caused the problem. When you drop off a computer, cellphone, tablet or iPod you sign an agreement that your item is broken and we aren’t responsible if something else goes wrong. You know what we did for this customer? We bought her a iPod to replace hers. That’s why you can trust us and that’s how our customer service is far above others.
  • We had a call from a customer wanting us to buy and put a laptop screen in her laptop. She came in, paid for the screen, the screen came in, we put the screen in and the laptop still had no video on the laptop screen. We believed it was a video issue on the motherboard and put her old screen back in, returned the new screen and refunded her money completely. We didn’t even charge a diagnostic fee. That’s why you can trust us. We will do you right.

That’s only two examples but I can bore you and go on and on with our service and why we are the computer repair place to trust.

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