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Be Aware of Scams

We have put this out there many times but because of recent events it merits being said again. Hopefully you will pass this around. There are two things that have happened recently;

  • We had a customer come in with a “custom” computer built by someone he knows who knows someone. This square (yes completely square) box came in with no manufacturer name on it. That wasn’t the biggest problem. A lot of times, not all the time, we can find the different drivers for the network, video, etc. cards. The biggest problem was there wasn’t any notation of a valid Windows Product Key. This most likely means the person that built it was using a pirate copy of Windows. What this means to us is we can’t reload it unless you have proof of a valid key. It could also have some legal ramifications to you if it was reported.
  • We had a customer call talking about a person that called them saying their computer was full of viruses, errors and was about to crash. They wanted $300 to fix it. This is a scam! Pure and simple. Please pass this around it has been happening for a very long time.

Are we the only ones that are trustworthy, know how to work on your equipment or build a computer, absolutely not. What you do need to do is make sure you research who you are using. Were they recommended by someone that used them? Have you checked their reviews online? Are they working out of a local business store?

I am not saying everyone that works out of their house isn’t to be trusted but if they are it needs to be their primary business and they need to have the proper licenses. This way you have some sort of recourse if they don’t do the job right. I know none of us like paying taxes but if someone doesn’t have a valid business registered with the state and a business license then they aren’t paying taxes.

I also highly recommend that the company  you choose has insurance that is specifically related to computer repair, as we do.

Finally, don’t let anyone call you on the phone or even if you have called them, DO NOT LET THEM REMOTE TO YOUR COMPUTER. If you know someone that is local and reputable, then that is fine.

Rick Eubanks

AML Computer Services

Who can you trust with computer repair? US! AML Computer Services and here’s why

Some of you have heard this said by us before but I will say it today too. We started this company to give home users, home based businesses and small businesses someone they could trust with their computer repair. Many IT Support companies want the big businesses because it brings in more cash and quicker. They will start out trying to cater to whatever they can to get money in the door and then forget about the individual. Not us, 3.5 years in business and the individual is still our focus and always will be. We started this business because the big box places that offer “IT Service” can afford to lose your business, we can’t. That is one way you can trust us.

We don’t just “work out of our car”, we don’t work out of a barn, we don’t work “out of our house”. Our shop is located very conveniently right off of Hwy 400 in Dawsonville. You can always reach us via phone or email and there is more than one technician. Our pictures of the shop on the website are what our facility actually looks like and the people you talk to are the ones actually working on your equipment. This should give you a sense of trust with our service.

We don’t have family and friends do our reviews on line. Our reviews are done by customers. Our Facebook presence is full of satisfied customers that trust us with their computer repair, cell phone repair and sensitive data on those devices.

Here are some real examples of things that have happened that should help you know why we are the place to choose for your computer and cell phone repair.

  • We had a customer come in with an iPod. The power button was broken. We ordered the button, put it in and the iPod would not power up again at all. We honestly have no idea if we actually caused the problem. When you drop off a computer, cellphone, tablet or iPod you sign an agreement that your item is broken and we aren’t responsible if something else goes wrong. You know what we did for this customer? We bought her a iPod to replace hers. That’s why you can trust us and that’s how our customer service is far above others.
  • We had a call from a customer wanting us to buy and put a laptop screen in her laptop. She came in, paid for the screen, the screen came in, we put the screen in and the laptop still had no video on the laptop screen. We believed it was a video issue on the motherboard and put her old screen back in, returned the new screen and refunded her money completely. We didn’t even charge a diagnostic fee. That’s why you can trust us. We will do you right.

That’s only two examples but I can bore you and go on and on with our service and why we are the computer repair place to trust.

Check us out on FACEBOOK and “like” us.

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Voted Best of Dawsonville 2013 – AML Computer Services Printing

THANK YOU TO OUR CUSTOMERS FOR THIS. We are honored to be one of the Best of Dawsonville. They didn’t have a computer repair category this year so you voted for one of our “services” to give us this honor of being on of the Best of Dawsonville. We greatly appreciate the support of our customers and friends who are customers that helped this happen.

Our primary business is computer and cell phone repair. However, as many of you know we decided to add on web design early on. When we did that we felt it best to add on some printing services as all of this goes hand-in-hand. We specifically added on these services so that the small business, home based business and individuals would have a place to come to that would give them a one-stop place for most of their needs.

Trust us with your needs for your home, home based business or small business. We are local to you, we can come to you if you need us to do so or we can pick up your computer and bring it back to you. We do cell phone repair at the shop only and we do not pick up and deliver those. We will deliver your large quantity print jobs within the Dawsonville City are plus a few miles.

Come try us out and see what other people already know 🙂

Best of Dawsonville 2013

Anti-Virus programs… the truth

We did our own testing of Anti-Virus programs. We tested both paid and free. We found negligible differences for the home user. The bottom line was that no anti-virus program blocked everything. This ranking list of “Them” was from Consumer Reports. Theirs is ranked by numbers and we ranked ours by another method as you can see. Please bear in mind our testing was NOT meant for business but only a home user.

We decided to test this because we used to sell anti-virus programs because that part of the industry is not friendly toward the small business. Since the profit margin was minimal to non-existent unless you could sell a large volume we wanted to know was it worth it to even sell it at all. We currently use the anti-virus program AVG FREE and have for 2 years and we surf as much, check email, work on computers with viruses, etc. and guess what? We have been virus free the WHOLE time. That’s right, not ONE virus on our system. Our findings are a little different from “Them” but I don’t have any idea how they tested theirs. In our case, we had computers with viruses on them and had those anti-virus program installed on the computer. Our results are based on what the program found and if it eliminated the virus and/or stopped it completely from getting through the “door”.  Below are our real world results.

Anti-Virus Programs Ranking Test

Thank you for 1000 “likes” on FB

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers, their support and spreading the word about our stellar service. We strive to provide the best service to our customers and it shows. You have continued to spread the word about our computer and cell phone repair. You can also let people know that we offer a very affordable website design package.

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 7.48.59 PM

Scam Alert – Share this!!

PLEASE SHARE THIS!!! We are still getting a lot of complaints/feedback about a scam. Sometimes they call you claiming something is wrong with your computer and we have even had it happen where someone calls a legitimate support. The bottom line is that you get a “support tech” on the phone from another country and they start telling you about all the problems with your PC and how it is about to crash. They even tell you to do things to show you “problems” IT IS A SCAM. DO NOT LET THEM ON YOUR COMPUTER OR PAY THEM ANYTHING! Please tell everyone you know about this, share this, email it out, etc.

Partnerships amongst local businesses?

YES and here is why. For those of you in these areas Cumming/Dawsonville and about a 20 mile radius, this is for you. Several of us that do the basic same service have come to agreements on helping the customer. This is our primary goal and we share ideas. We take each others calls when we can’t make it in a time suitable for you, refer you to them if their expertise fits your need, etc. Because of this it creates a check and balance for each of us to make sure the quality of service is the best it can be for you. When you are making your selection for Computer Repair, Cell Phone Repair or Network Support please utilize local business like these that have partnered to enhance customer service. They are International Electronic Solutions 706-344-1480, Computer Medics of Lanier and of course AML Computer Services, LLC


AML Computer Services

IES Repairs

Computer Medics of Lanier

Why shop local?

“Whether you’re on the road or just cruising around town, your favorite McDonald’s menu items are never far away.” So boasts the McDonald’s Restaurant Locator, and a glance at a distribution map of franchises in the United States proves the point. Population centers burn brightly with the Golden Arches; even the sparsely populated Western states are adequately supplied by the nation’s 14,000-plus fleet of McDonald’s.

That reach is astounding, but not exceptional. Four out of five Americans live within 20 miles of our 11,000 Starbucks; 30 percent of American grocery shopping occurs at our 4,500 Wal-Marts. The most familiar element of the American landscape — excepting green highway signs and certain brands of automobiles — might be Subway, which has over 25,000 U.S. locations.

You could be forgiven for thinking, as Simon and Garfunkel sang, “Each town looks the same to me.” From Juneau to Jacksonville, we Americans share, as much as anything, a common commercial experience, a fractal pattern of retail at once comforting and mind-numbing. It stretches the powers of the imagination to think that eating and shopping options in the American city were once as distinct as fingerprints. The shift from mom-and-pops to chains has been one of the defining shifts in American cultural life, and counter-protests have been largely futile, with opponents pegged as sentimentalists standing in the way of progress and low prices.

That is changing. Dozens of American municipalities, mostly small towns with tourism in mind, have passed laws restricting the entry of chain stores. The biggest city to do so is San Francisco: in incremental steps punctuated by a ballot initiative in 2006, the California city famous for liberal activism has enacted the most influential anti-chain legislation in the United States.

You might not realize, walking the streets of Nob Hill, that you are experiencing an urban economy governed by the tightest big-city regulations on “formula retail” in the country. That’s because the San Francisco’s anti-chain net, while unique among large cities, is fairly permeable: three out of four chains that apply for permission to operate in one of the city’s protected zones are approved. Sure, San Francisco is quirky and diverse, true to its reputation, and bursting with independent bookstores, cafes, restaurants and boutiques. But the city isn’t an oasis: as in any other large U.S. city, there are dozens of Starbucks and Subway shops here too.

Supporters say the 75 percent approval rate does not do justice to the system’s efficacy. Seeking authorization forces chains to make concessions to neighborhood interests, and the deterrent effect — Qdoba might not even attempt to open across from a favorite local burrito joint — is impossible to quantify. Two recent high-profile cases – the rejection ofStarbucks and Chipotle earlier this year – have fueled the sense that neighborhoods wield real power. In the case of Starbucks, 453 signatures were submitted in support; 4,200 signatures in opposition.

The impact of the law has grown over time. When first adopted in 2004 by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the ordinance offered neighborhoods options ranging from “notifications” — letters mailed to nearby residents upon a chain’s arrival — to an outright ban. In 2006, voters chose to implement a more widespread solution: “conditional use authorizations,” in all of the city’s 17 NCDs. Every Gap, CVS, and AMC that wants to move into one of the city’s small-scale commercial streets must be approved by the Planning Commission. In total, hundreds of blocks require formula retail to obtain authorization, while dozens more operate under a categorical ban.

On the verge of the ordinance’s tenth anniversary, with nearly a dozen pending modifications proposed by city supervisors, the San Francisco Planning Commission has undertaken an economic study to evaluate the effects of its formula retail controls. In discussing the goals and shortcomings of the law, the city has gotten right to the heart of America’s love-hate relationship with the chain.

What separates San Francisco’s political achievement from griping in Greenwich Village or Venice Beach is the employment of economic data to prop up the power of the plebiscite. That data comes largely from one firm, Civic Economics, which is responsible for more than half of the studies listed in the appendix of the San Francisco Planning Commission memo [PDF] that addresses formula retail controls.

Dan Houston, one of the founders of Civic Economics, stumbled into this niche in 2002 as he watched two independent Austin businesses, Waterloo Records and Book People, threatened by a city-subsidized Borders set to move in across the street. Houston’s young firm agreed to analyze the effects of then-powerful Borders sapping the market share of two local businesses.

The results were striking: for every $100 spent at a chain, approximately $13 remained in the local economy, largely through wages. For every $100 spent at the local outfit, $45 would recirculate locally, thanks to wages, corporate profits, locally oriented procurement, and potential future investment in the community, ranging from sponsorship of a Little League team to opening a second branch. The cost of a book or CD might be marginally higher, but the return for the city was nearly three times better at Waterloo Records and Book People. Borders didn’t move in.

Since then, Civic Economics has performed parallel analyses for other cities, including San Francisco, and obtained similar results. “The numbers were undeniable,” Houston said. “Nobody ever offers subsidies to the local bookstores — it’s crazy to think you’re giving subsidies to these non-local restaurants.”

The numbers may be sound, but the implication — one type of commerce is better than another — strikes detractors as unfairly proscriptive. I spoke with Bob Linscheid, the president and CEO of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, and Dee Dee Workman, the SFCC’s Director of Public Policy. Both said the thought San Francisco’s “authorization” process was fair and effective, but they are wary of the potential expansion of the ordinance.

The scope of San Francisco’s control over chains like Radio Shack and Walgreens, for example, has grown each year. “When we start adding in all these uses, it just feels like a war on national retailers,” Workman warned. “National retailers can come in and do a lot of good in a neighborhood.”

“Not much focus is on the consumer, and giving the consumer the right to choose between companies that are located in proximity to each other,” Linscheid added. “We need to remember that this is America, and that a certain amount of competition is good for the consumer.”

Supporters of formula retail restrictions caution against invoking the “free market” argument. Stacy Mitchell, a senior researcher at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance who has written extensively about formula retail controls, pointed out that there are numerous hidden biases in favor of chains beyond the government subsidy. Suburban road design creates the perfect environment for big box stores; landlords prefer national chains for reasons — credit, accountability, longer leases — that have little to do with consumer preference.

It’s a debate that other cities may soon be having, as chain stores continue their march from fading suburban malls into resurgent city centers. In New York, the city’s trademark bodegas are dropping like flies and 7-Eleven is on the move. The City Council recently changed Upper West Side zoning to limit storefront size — a tacit attempt to decrease the street frontage of banks and chain drugstores. Washington, D.C., has kept Wal-Mart at bay with a bill, passed in July, that requires very large retailers to pay wages 50 percent over the District’s minimum wage. San Diego enacted ordinances in 2007 and 2010 requiring community impact reviews for large retailers — only to repeal them with Wal-Mart at the gates.

In San Francisco, meanwhile, the city will be examining its definition of formula retail. Should chains that got their start in the Bay Area, like Philz Coffee, be exempt? What about fixtures of neighborhood health like grocery stores and pharmacies? Why is 11 the magic number to define what constitutes “formula retail?”

Both cities and national retailers will be closely following what happens in San Francisco. It might just set a precedent.

Credit goes to this article as I am only reposting


Windstream Communications – file a complaint about their speed issues

if you live in Dawsonville or the surrounding area and are a slave to Windstream Communications please go to the BBB, the PSC and the FCC and file a complaint about their fraudulent business practices concerning the claimed speed you are paying vs what you are getting. If you don’t know what speed you are paying for vs getting. Find out what you are paying for then go to to find out what you are actually getting.

Click the links below to go to those pages to file the complaints.





Windstream Communications FRAUD – File a complaint with the FCC




File a complaint with the FCC about Windstream Communications FRAUDULENT and DECEPTIVE business practices online at FCC Complaint

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 3.36.50 PM

Windstream Fraud

Consumer Complaint Form
Successful Submission!
Thank you for submitting your complaint to the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection. We depend on the public to help us in our mission and very much appreciate your taking the time to share this information with our office, so that we can monitor the scope of the problem you have reported.

We will be responding to you in the order in which your complaint is received and reviewed, normally within about four to six weeks. We also invite you to revisit our websites, and, for many tips and topics that you may find helpful.

Information Submitted On August 7, 2013
Address 1: 258 Beartooth Parkway
Address 2: Suite 180
City: Dawsonville
State: GA
Zip: 30534
Complaint Category: Utilities, Telecommunications or Internet
Name Of Business: Windstream Communications
Address Of Business: AML Printing Services aka AML Computer Services 258 Beartooth Parkway Suite 180 Dawsonville, Ga. 30534
Number Of Business: 706-216-3832
Email Of Business:
Year: 2013
Initial Contact: Responded to something I had received in the mail
Nature Of Complaint: Misrepresentation
Complaint Description: Windstream Communications is engaged in fraudulent activities based on promising 6 – 12 mbps of speed, asking us to pay for that and only getting 1mbps or less. They somehow have a contract/monopoly in Dawsonville and no other provider is allowed in the area. We are dying here in the area with our businesses because of having this scam of a company known as Windstream Communications. They keep backing up the date to “fix” the “latency” issues and when you call them they will not even come out. The attached screen shot shows the normal speed while paying for 6mbps
Referred By: Another consumer

Windstream Communications is the worst ISP

A lot of you are a slave to Windstream Communications in the Dawson County area. I am truly sorry for you and I. This is the WORST ISP on the planet. They have constant outages and speeds that you would be better off on dial up. Their equipment is garbage. ‪#‎Windstreamsux‬ is an understatement of these people. I have been paying for 6mb of speed and usually get about 1mb. They simply DO NOT CARE! But North Georgia Network runs fiber to businesses so if you are like me and have a business contact them to see what they can do because Windstream can’t and won’t delivery. If you have a choice use ANYONE else.

Windstream Communications claim they are working on the “latency” issues but really they have mishandled their money, customers and they just plain do not care. They continue to push out the date of a “solution”. Someone at Windstream Communications that makes a huge salary needs to get off their butt and actually do some work and make something happen.

As a person in the computer field for 30 years and having worked directly for a telecommunications company that provided internet and phone just like Windstream Communications, I can say they are full of crap. It does not take this long to order and install equipment that will work for the customer. As a small business owner I am losing money because of Windstream Communications. As a business owner or home user if you can use anyone else, do it.


Piss on Windstream Communications they suck

Computers for Sale

Today on WSB there was an advertisement by Neal Boortz about a local computer company. They were advertising computers for sale with an i3 Processor, 4 gigabytes of ram and a 500 gigabyte hard drive for $599 which included “managed services” for a year. Is this a good value? NO. We have computers for sale with an i5 processor 6 – 8 gigabytes of ram and a 1 Terrabyte  hard drive for that price. Ours also includes a one year warranty by us. Which means you don’t have to send it back to the manufacturer for service. Does it include managed services? To some degree yes. By that we mean simply if we need to remote in to your computer, we can at any point with your permission. Do we monitor it 24/7? No.

We have always had new computers for sale. We also have a few completely refurbished used computers for sale from time-to-time. We even have Apple Macbooks and Macbook Pro that are at a very affordable price. These Apple products are “off lease” meaning they are 3 years old and were being leased by a school. They have a limited 1 year warranty.

We originally had put them up on our site but we have enough turn over of models that it’s just not feasible to keep that current. So, if you are in need of a desktop, laptop or Apple computer come see us.


Customer Service or Customer NO Service?

If you are a business owner or decision maker at a company this is a MUST read and pass it on. Every time I write on the AML Computer Services blog I do so to try to be informative to customers and potential customers. This also goes to help people avoid being ripped off by companies that do not care about anything but their pockets. Often this will include issues that have to do with customer service.

As many of you know about a year ago AML Computer Services purchased Wilco Printing to offer our customers more choices when they utilized us. Wilco Printing purchased a new Canon copier from (Standard Office Systems) SOS about 1.5 years before that. SOS sold Wilco the copier with the understanding that the copier would perform a certain way and with all the paper that Wilco used. They even went as far as to allow a trial period and had many people come out to show them how to use the copier and the multiple types of paper. Sounds like good customer service doesn’t it? or was it just to make a sale? I won’t go into the details of the types of paper as it would bore you.

Recently we had a problem with the copier and it started to jam. The short story of is is this. SOS declared the paper was out of specs. Yet the copier clearly showed the correct paper weight. SOS declared that they go by the manufacturer specs on paper weight of grams. This is not how the copier reads on the display nor how it was sold. Again, to not bore you with the details of he-said, she-said, we were using the paper correctly based on the sale and what the normal user interface said.

Have zero understanding of customer service, SOS decided the best course of action was to no longer service the copier. Even though the people making the decision never darkened the door and the techs that came out clearly were not communicating accurate information.

So if you are a business owner or a decision maker ever in need of a copier, avoid SOS like the plague. Customer service is no where to be found within that organization but thankfully they aren’t the only ones that service Canon copiers. Hey and why should they care, they got their money out of the lease and the fact that in 2.5 years there probably weren’t 10 service calls total. So, they surely got their money on service when they didn’t have to service it but when it came to customer service, it was non-existent! Their motto is “SOS can help” apparently they need to change that to SOS WON’T HELP!

Please repost, share on FB or retweet on Twitter. Thank you from AML Computer Services AML Computer Services 258 Beartooth Parkway Suite 180 Dawsonville, Ga. 30534

Satisfaction and Price guarantee, you betcha! We have one.

Our price guarantee is simple. It is a price guarantee that we can fix the computer for the price we guarantee or less. This means your expectations meet our results. We don’t charge for a diagnostic fee on anything that only takes us a few moments. We didn’t start this computer repair company to see how much money we could make on people. We started it to help people find a cost effective, honest solution to their repair needs.

When you buy a computer from us if you have a warranty repair issue we make sure we help you interact with the manufacturer at no cost to you. If you buy a factory refurbished computer from us we will warranty it for a year. When you buy a used computer from us we warranty that for 90 days. How our parts replacement works is we will replace any part AT cost and not charge labor during that warranty period.

If we don’t believe we can fix something with your 100% satisfaction, we won’t even try. We do utilize other computer and cell phone related companies in the area to get your item serviced correctly. We know them, we have talked to them and trust them to take care of the customers of this area.

So we don’t just have a price guarantee we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We don’t try to be the lowest price in town, we strive to be the best in town.

We greatly appreciate the customers of Dawsonville and surrounding areas and are constantly striving to serve them better. 

Managed Services, what is it, is it necessary, is it useful?

The other day I heard a company advertise on the radio “free managed services for one year with purchase of a new computer” and then it said “it will keep your computer running fast and virus free”. Sounds like something good doesn’t it? So, exactly what is it and is it for you or your business? There are several things you need to ask yourself and know about managed services to be able to make that decision.

Realize that managed services is actually tracking your computer usage. So make sure the company you choose is trustworthy.

Some ISP’s sell a form of managed services and even charge you $10 a month for an anti-virus program. Anti-virus programs generally run $60 or less, so why pay that ISP $120? Several very good anti-virus programs are available for free.

  • Does the company have the staff to handle the amount of managed services they sell?
  • What are they actually doing for the price I am paying per month?
  • Are they farming out the call center support to another country?

So with those questions in mind, is managed services good? SURE! just pick the right company like Netflow Solutions. Mike Holland has owned this company for years and does it right. High level of security and very trustworthy. Now, he’s not really for the individual but more for a business.

For individuals and small businesses you need to discuss options with your local IT person from  your area to see what they offer and if you need it. AML Computer Services does offer a type of managed services and can guide you to what you need.

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Defrag or not and when

Defrag a hard drive, when is it time? Is it necessary to defrag at all?

The computer hard drive is where all files are stored. When you defrag a hard drive it is literally moving the files around to optimize their accessibility of your programs. Realize that files are actually being moved around. I highly recommend you have a good backup and any important program disks ready in case you need to reinstall anything. Am I trying to scare you? NO. I am trying to make sure you realize that what you are doing can have a volatile effect on files and programs. This is especially true if your hard drive has already shown signs of problems. Those signs can be blue screen, programs not responding, the computer trying to run a check disk on start up, the computer not wanting to start up and instead doing a repair, etc.

When data, such as a file, is stored on a hard drive the operating system attempts to store that file in one section of locations that are connecting without a break. This called contiguous space. When you have a new hard drive, storing data in contiguous spaces is not a problem. As you use the hard drive the files will be deleted from it and small pockets of space will be created on your hard drive. These small pockets of space on your hard drive is called fragmentation.

When a hard drive is fragmented, and the operating system wants to store a file on the hard drive, it attempts to store it in a section of contiguous space that will be large enough to accommodate the file. If the hard drive is heavily fragmented, there is the possibility that there will not be enough contiguous space available to store the file, and therefore the file will be broken up and stored in multiple locations on the hard drive. This causes the file to become fragmented. This is especially bad when installing new software on your computer because the program will now be installed over multiple locations on your hard drive. Now when you run this particular application its performance will be degraded because it has to be loaded from multiple locations on the hard drive.

To solve this problem, software developers developed a type of program called a Disk Defragmenter. A defragmenter is an application that reorganizes the data on your hard drive’s partitions in such a manner that the files are stored in as much contiguous space as possible. The defragmenter will search your hard drive partition and move data from one location to another location, so that the files stored there are one contiguous piece, instead of being spread throughout multiple locations on the hard drive’s partition. This allows the programs and data to run more efficiently and quickly as the operating system does not have to read from multiple locations.

So, now that you understand the mechanics of a fragmented hard drive and what defragmentation does, you can better identify when to run the defragmentation program. I still want to emphasize that you are moving files around on that drive so make sure you have a good backup and any original disks for programs.

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Website Design that is affordable

Website design is a part of your business that is very important. It needs to reflect both you and your business. A lot of people can create a website. There are even places that allow you to create your website for $1. A fancy website design does not guarantee that people will actually utilize your website. As a matter of fact when working on websites one of the primary things that helps your website be seen is the ease of use and readability.

Statistics show that most of the people never go past your landing page or home page as you may know it. Statistics also show that most people only spend a few seconds on your website. The question is what are they looking for? Ask yourself what you look for when you go to a company website.

A flashy, busy website may be able two awe people but your average user wants an informative, simple to navigate website. If you go to a website that is too flashy what do you do? leave? Look another company with a simpler design to find the product or service you desire? Statistics show that is what most people do. Remember the average reading level of people according to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL) is the 7th or 8th grade. We use the Felsch-Kincaid readability scale to make sure that your website is easily readable by most people.

Check that company’s other website design, including their own. This will give you an idea about their ability to cater to your needs and those of your customer. Look for misspellings, broken links and readable content.

Then also see how their own website is ranking. If you get a website that can’t be found on the internet unless someone types in the exact wording of your website or actual address, you wasted your money. With our SEO packages we can make sure you are seen.

What to look for in website design;

When you have someone create a website for you there are things you should know about website design.

  • Are they designing the site I want to see or what they want to see to impress themselves or someone else?
  • Can I edit some of the site myself for updates without having to pay them to do everything?
  • When I want to leave that designer,
    • How easy will it be for me to take my site?
    • How easy will it be for the new designer to take over?
    • Is it written in a popular language or code?
    • Will the old designer help with the transition?

These are just a few of the things you should be asking yourself. If you have questions about website design or you want your site to be seen. Please contact us as we are here to help.

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All-in-one PC? Good buy or not?

Computer repair on an all-in-one PC, does it cost me more? Are they a good value for the money? What are the brands that are the best?

These questions are what you should be asking when you think about buying one of these. Remember the sales person where you go may want you to buy what pads his/her pocket best or may not even know what they are talking about at all. Just because a store claims their sales people don’t get commissions does not mean they don’t get bonuses on brands sold. No matter what brand you choose or how good it is supposed to be, it’s an all-in-one unit that means everything is integrated and any repair on it will be more expensive or not even possible at all for a reasonable cost. Let me give you an example, your video card on board goes out, there isn’t another slot to add a card so you have to replace the whole motherboard. Now instead of a $79 add-on card you are going to spend $350 on the board alone, not including install. So, once that year warranty runs out you are on your own to figure out what is cost effective.

I have seen several of these, no matter the manufacturer, have multiple issues. Video problems and wireless connectivity issues are the top two but closely followed by motherboard issues, probably because of heat. If you think it’s worth it to spend almost $900 on what you can get for $700 if you get a normal desktop PC with a monitor, then go right ahead but you won’t find me doing that, ever.

If all you want one for is the touch screen, you’ll get tired of that but just in case you think you won’t, there are manufacturers that make touch screen monitors for desktop PC’s. The touch screen monitors cost a little more, not much and are very easy to install. As a plus it also works with any version of Windows.

That being said the all-in-one PC is still somewhat new and has a lot of issues from what I have seen. Who does it right? APPLE, you want an all-in-one computer that works, get an iMac with or without touch screen. At least you won’t have to put up with Windows 8.

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Cell phone repair in Dawsonville, here’s what you need to know

Cell phone repair in Dawsonville, Ga and surrounding areas is hard to find. Except for those people that “know someone that works on cell phones” and they don’t have a real business and if they destroy your phone you have no recourse. It’s not that simple though. There are places that work on electronics or whatever that have added on cell phone repair because they “know something about them”. Don’t be fooled, they are twice the price of our service and you may not get your phone back at all or fixed right. We don’t order our parts from some online auction site such as Amazon or eBay. We also don’t charge twice the cost of the part. If you are paying too much or it’s too cheap, you need to evaluate why. That old saying “you get what you pay for” will surely be true if you choose the wrong person to work on your phone. We have had incidences where someone “watched YouTube” to replace a screen and they ended up bringing it to us to fix. If someone else works on your phone and we have to fix what they didn’t do right plus the original repair, it will cost you more. Why not just bring it to a reputable place first. You paid hundreds of dollars for that device or at least to replace it may cost that. Why would you want to risk that kind of money? We are the only place recommended by both AT&T and Radio Shack in Dawsonville, Ga for your cell phone repair. The reason is simple, we are fast, high quality and low cost to fix your cell phone right the first time.

We are licensed and insured to protect your valuable devices and data. Can others say that? We are also a well established business in the are with a great reputation. We had a customer come in the other day and say 5 out of 6 people recommended us for cell phone repair. We don’t know who the 6th person is and oddly they have never been heard from again 🙂 Seriously, that’s awesome to us, 5 out of 6. In addition to that, we had someone come in the other day that had gone to one of those places that saw we were doing cell phone repair and decided to add it on. Oddly, they are pretty close to us too. Somehow that customer decided to come here, I guess to get a second opinion. What they found out? We were HALF the price of the other place using OEM parts! So come on out and check us out for the best price and highest quality.

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