Cell Phone Repair and more

Do you want someone that just claims to know how to do cell phone repair? or do you want someone that claims to be “factory trained”? Or do you want someone that claims to use OEM parts? or do you want to use someone that added this on as a side part of their main business just to make a few extra dollars?

Cell phone repair is and has always been a primary part of AML Computer Services. We did not advertise it as heavily at first as we didn’t have a factory trained technician on site.

We have a factory trained technician on site. We don’t have to take your cell phone off-site or meet you somewhere to pick it up. We do use true OEM parts that come from the manufacturers. We are 40% cheaper and 100% better than those around us. We don’t have to match prices or offer 10% lower than someone else because we are already doing the job for the best possible price and our quality is superior. In most cases we can repair your phone while you wait as long as you have about 1 hour. In a lot of cases there is no diagnostic fee as competitors charge.

There are some phones we do not stock the parts for because they just don’t come in as often and we want to watch our overhead so we don’t have to pass that cost on to you.

If your cell phone repair is too cheap, cheap is probably exactly the word to use.