Computer Repair

We have had many years experience in computer repair.

When you let a friend of a friend who “knows something about computers” or some guy that works “out of his house” or someone that their specialty is not in the computer field that just has some “certifications” work on your computer, you are taking a great risk with both your data and your data security. Someone that doesn’t have a store front has no real measure of responsibility. Even if it is an add-on room to their residence. Because we are insured (our insurance specifically covers your computer and data against loss, damage and theft) and have a store front you can be 100% sure of the safety of your equipment, data and that we can always be found. When we repair your computer we use quality parts that are under warranty and we will honor those warranties. Don’t take it to someone that you can’t trust to be there for your follow-up if it is necessary. We fix “those guys” repairs all the time. This includes those “big box” places that have “technicians available”.
Don’t let those TV things fool you about “tune-up” or “speed up” on your PC. We don’t load some software to do the job, we do this process manually and your computer will run faster when we are done.


We replace broken laptop screens and our screens are not used screens they are new with a 1 year warranty.




• PC Computer Repair • Virus Removal/Tune-Up

• Apple Computer Repair

• Networking solutions • In-Home Visits for networking

• Old Computer Equipment Recycling