Google and Yelp

By design review sites were there to allow people to have a valid, honest opinion of a business or service. Both Google and Yelp are the top two review sites but neither one govern what is written on their site. Both Google and Yelp are impossible to get in touch with for any assistance when someone who is not a customer decides to utilize the review portion for something other than what it was meant to be.

What they have created was a place for people to bash businesses that they have never met nor done business with, to hide behind a computer and say things that are blatant lies.  To take that even further you don’t even have to prove that you are you or have any proof that it is a valid account to post a review at all. Why shouldn’t a site that allows reviews make sure that the person has done business with the company they are reviewing and make sure the person has a valid account to post a review?

The only way a business can defend themselves is to solicit family and close friends to counteract a false review. This isn’t what is supposed to happen either. Both ways falsify the rating. I can assure you that any company that you look at the reviews the top 20% or more is close friends and family and the bottom 20% are people that never need to be allowed to write a review for anyone. That leaves only the middle 60%, MAYBE that are valid reviews.

Yelp is a company that has many negative reviews on it’s own review site, been in the news for fraudulent business practices and other things because of the way they run their company. Yelp makes millions, people like me are just trying to pay their bills, so you do the math who comes out on top. I hope that one day small businesses will ban together and take to court both Yelp and Google and anyone like them for their allowance of review practices.

After the fiasco of a couple of weeks ago we are done caring about what reviews are left for us, whether they are negative or positive. We have wasted enough time and energy on those things and the very few negative reviews we have are by the extreme small percentage of people. We have thousands of customers and that number continues to grow. Out of that thousands of customers the only ones that we haven’t been able to satisfy or help are those that have not allowed us to do so. That number is about 1%. So the percentage of people that would complain about us is so small it’s not worth our time. We will continue to focus on those that are worth our outstanding service and reputation, the 99%.

To those 99% we can’t thank you enough.