Rick Eubanks


Rick Eubanks has served in the US Army which is where he learned his basic troubleshooting skills, electrical circuitry and soldering while working on a computer system that tested missile firing mechanisms. During the Army years he spent time at Northwestern State University extension in Ft. Polk, La. furthering his computer knowledge. Once out of the Army he attended many training courses including Clayton State University learning computer networking. Throughout the next years he spent time at many different technical schools to obtain training and certifications from Apple and many other major manufacturers certifications on their systems. He also spent time at other technical schools learning basic computer function, programming and maintenance. In addition to this he was able to enhance his knowledge of programming and apply it to learning web design. He was also awarded Sharp’s Gold Technician Certification of which only 11 exist in the USA. While at that company he was the Director of IT Technologies he was able to expand his knowledge of printing on large scale graphic printing equipment. Directly responsible for implementation of those machines and making sure the cusomter software printed correctly with the equipment. He has worked in a variety of companies supporting users of many different knowledge levels. This allowed him to learn to listen to computer problems, explain them to people and fix them. This is why you can be assured you are getting the best of the best when it comes to all the services like computer repair and cell phone repair that are offered at AML Computer Services. To email Rick email him at rick@amlcomputer.com