SEO + SEM + SMO + SMM and other acronyms of website management or development. We are often asked about these. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization, this allows your website to get a good ranking on search engines when people are trying to find you or your services. What is SEM? Search Engine Management, this is what a company that is doing their job on your website does to make sure that your SEO is working effectively. What is SMO? Social Media Optimization, this makes sure that your social media is getting the attention of the most widely available potential customers for your business through social media and integration with your website, which also comes into play with SEO. What is SMM? Social Media Management, this means the company you are hiring is watching the SMO to make sure it is working effectively for you. If all this is done correctly, the money you spend with a company to do your web design and optimization means ROI, that’s Return On Investment.

So have I lost you? Or did  you follow me enough to know that AML Computer Services knows what is going on with web design and optimization? If you even followed it partial or not, keep reading. The next part is even more important.

When you are trying to have someone develop a website and plan for your web site, what should you look for? Or even what should you make sure are signals to run?

When to run;

  • If they are only available via phone or email
  • If they are not in your drivable area or country
  • If they do not have a proper business (meaning location and license)
  • If their own website has missing links or content (missing links are when you click something and get a page error)
  • If their own website shows people that are assisting with design that you never meet (this means they outsource and your changes will be delayed)
  • If they keep raising the price
  • If they are hosting the website themselves (trust me on this it creates huge problems if you ever need to leave them)
  • If they are using software or coding that makes it where only they can change your website.

What should you look for;

  • Check other websites they have done and call the people
  • Ask to meet the team that will be working on the site
  • Make them show you proven results though analytics (this is the measurement by which all search engines use to track traffic)
  • Make sure they are using a program that can be utilized by others and possibly even allow you to add content
  • Make sure that you are not locked into a contract or anything that doesn’t allow you to move your website
  • Some of the things are sort of mentioned above but make sure you can go to a physical address and they are responsive

These things should get you on the right track to help you get a website that promotes your business and brings you money through SEO, SEM, SMO and SMM which ultimately give you the ROI you expect.

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