Our Service

Because I want people to know what kind of service we provide and how we treat our customers so I am giving some examples below. I also wanted to give some examples of what we do for our customers if they have a problem with equipment or something we worked on for them. This is so you know that we stand behind what we do and we treat all our customers with utmost respect. It’s even more proven by whom out there businesswise recommends us. We have two other IT Companies that send their people to us. One of them doesn’t work on Apple Computers, so Computer Medics of Lanier sends us that business and Appalachian Technologies out of Cleveland that exclusively works on City networks sends anyone that asks them about computer or cell phone repair to us. In addition, AT&T, Verizon and Walmart send people here for cell phone repairs. These type of things do not happen if you aren’t providing great service. There are a ton of examples but I didn’t want bore you. So these few real examples of things we have done are listed below:

  • Customer bought a laptop from us. Brought it in a week later with the hard drive completely failed. Laptop is under warranty by the manufacturer. Instead of making them wait for repair, we gave them a more expensive brand new laptop and set it up for them all at no charge.
  • Customer had phone repaired by us, a week later they broke the screen again, we replaced the screen at a huge discount.
  • Customer bought a used laptop. Used laptops have a 30 – 90 day warranty. Not sure which warranty period it was on this one but it was out of warranty by a week. The motherboard had gone bad. We traded them out at no charge for another used laptop.
  • One of our customers came in with a laptop that the CD/DVD drive would not see any disc. The problem is that some software like, Magic Jack and Driver Updater will overwrite the CD/DVD in the registry. It’s not a hard fix for us. We corrected the problem for him at no charge.
  • A customer came in with a Windstream issue, we knew it but they thought it was their computer. We showed them it wasn’t the computer, there was no charge and we even installed Stopzilla Anti-Virus for free because we wanted to make sure that Microsoft Security Essentials, which is junk, had not missed any major Trojans, malware, etc. We did that all that work at no charge.
  • A customer had a laptop with a bad DC Jack. It needed replacing and required soldering work. There was major damage to the port area, including a crack in the motherboard. We replaced the DC Jack and informed the customer of what we saw. The computer did work. It quit working and she brought it back about a month later. We opened it up and re-soldered the DC Jack as best as possible. It worked again. We did this at no charge. The DC Jack area is so badly damaged that it will probably happen again. I told her she needs to start saving for a new computer as that will not hold forever.

Rick Eubanks