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Email – the evil necessisity

Email, we get a lot of complaints about it and we all use it. Most of us have 2 or more email accounts. Some people use email more than others. Some people don’t care if it disappears and others lives are on hold or over if it disappears.

So, let’s start here. There are two different types of email; POP and IMAP. POP email generally is used for one device only and generally set up to download all email from the server to that device. Note, I said GENERALLY. Meaning that this particular email type CAN be set up to leave a certain amount on the server and multiple devices access that email. POP is generally used for individuals and not businesses. IMAP always leaves a copy of the email on the server until you delete and is specifically designed for multiple devices automatically. This type of setting is usually for businesses. However, in our new connected world with multiple devices and being slave to email, I recommend most people use the IMAP settings. There is no sense in going into what the acronym’s of POP and IMAP exactly are it will not make a difference for this blog.

With POP email if you are using it on one PC and that PC crashes you might loose all your email. Like I said previously, it can be set up to hold some of that email at the server. IMAP always holds a copy at the server. The good part about it staying on the server is that it is usually backed up by the people running the server every night. However, if you are using some free email service like Gmail, Ymail, Hotmail, etc. you might find that you get little or no support for lost email. That includes the fact that if someone hacks your account, the only thing you can usually do is close that email account and use a new one. I won’t go into it right now but that is the reason to not use Google to host your web site or email for a business at all.

Now that you know there are two ways it is sent to you we can now talk about clients. What is a client? Microsoft Outlook is an client. There are many clients out there. The key to it is this. Microsoft Outlook was specifically designed to work with Microsoft email server’s known as Exchange Servers. Other email clients are usually considered to be multi-platform. Meaning simply that they are designed to work with both Microsoft Exchange Servers and other server’s which can include Linux. What client is right for you? If you are a business using a Microsoft Exchange Server whether it is a local/on-site server or a cloud based Microsoft Exchange Server, Outlook is the way to go. If you are using an ISP or Web Hosting companies email; like Windstream, Charter, AT&T or ones like GoDaddy, Wix, etc., you should use a different client. We recommend Thunderbird by Mozilla, the same people that bring you Firefox. You can download Thunderbird Here.

Why? As we already talked about Microsoft Outlook is specifically designed for Microsoft Exchange Server email. That does not mean that Outlook will not work with other systems. However, it does mean there could be issues. I will give you a real world scenario, that you can call you email people and verify it if you want. GoDaddy supplies email but if you are not using their Microsoft Office 365 Exchange program their exact statement about Microsoft Outlook working is this “We provide email and it works through the web-based interface just fine. We provide the common settings to use on email clients as a courtesy but we will not guarantee they will work nor will we support any email client.” I bet you didn’t know that did you? This goes for Windstream, Comcast, AT&T and other Web Hosting Companies.

Now finally for those home users, if you are on Windstream specifically it is even worse if you are trying to access accounts that are not on their specific servers. We have seen so many issues with people trying to access their Web Hosting company email through a client and using Windstream as an ISP. One thing that will help you is to keep your Inbox clean. Make folders and move the email that is not pertinent out of the Inbox, delete email that is not needed, make sure you empty the trash in the client and good luck. As people that are stuck in Dawsonville, Dahlonega and a few other surrounding areas are stuck with the WORST ISP ON THE PLANET = WINDSTREAM

Piss On Windstream







What Should a Business Use?

It’s very simple. A business should either use Microsoft Outlook with a Microsoft Exchange Server. This is usually most easily done by contacting your Web Hosting company like GoDaddy to set that up. I am saying that simply because ISP’s and Web Hosting companies all have the same exact statement “we provide email to use as a web based interface and will not support the client/programs.” You may also chose to use Office.com or Outlook.com as a viable Microsoft Exchange hosting plan for your needs.

As always we are here to help and answer any questions you have at AML Computer Services 

Rick Eubanks


Mac Users – Anti-Virus & Clean Up Programs

Most Mac users think they can’t get viruses or add-on programs that cause pop-ups. That is completely wrong. As a matter of fact, we have seen a huge increase in both. Mac users are very intuitive, usually more techie about their products but are very misinformed about viruses and security on their products. Because of this Mac users do not know where to turn to get help or what products are available. That is where we, AML Computer Services, come into the picture for you.

Guess what Mac users, all this we are sharing is FREE.

So one thing you can do is go to your Finder and under Go, click Utilities then click Disk Utility. It will come up like this.

Mac Disk Utilities

Mac Disk Utilities

Once it does click your Mac drive and then click Verify Disk Permissions, when it finishes then click Repair Disk Permissions. Then run Verify Disk and if it needs it the Repair Disk will not be grayed out and you need to click and run it.

Mac users, now go download some FREE programs.

Now that you have done that go to http://www.adwaremedic.com and download their free program for Mac users. Just click Scan for Adware and follow the directions afterwards.

Adware Medic for Mac users

Adware Medic for Mac users


















Now once you have done that you can go to http://www.piriform.com/ and download CCleaner for the Mac. For Mac users it will have a Download button on the site and it will be the one for the Mac. You do not need to run Analyze just click Run Cleaner. When it reaches 100% you are done.

CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner for Mac

Finally, what anti-virus program to use? AVG of course. It’s our #1 choice when it comes to a FREE anti-virus program. This is especially the case for Mac users. Don’t get us wrong, their paid version is great too. Don’t be fooled by some other free anti-virus program that has a “cool” name, get something that works, something that has been tested by a viable IT Support company, like us. Just click this link http://free.avg.com/us-en/homepage to go to the Free Mac version of AVG. Install it, run it and enjoy your cleaned-up, virus free, security protected Mac, courtesy of AML Computer Services.

Rick Eubanks



Walmart App, saves you money

Not a huge fan of Walmart but a lot of us do shop there. So check this out. Article originally written by CBS LA.


Walmart’s New Online Tool Gives Competitors Prices

March 21, 2014 11:06 PM

New Online Tool Gives Competitors Prices

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LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — The “Every Day Low Price” king is trying to shake up the world of pricing once again.

Walmart has rolled out an online tool that compares its prices on 80,000 food and household products — from canned beans to dishwashing soap — with those of its competitors. If a lower price is found elsewhere, the discounter will refund the difference to shoppers in the form of store credit.

The world’s largest retailer began offering the feature, called “Savings Catcher,” on its website late last month in seven big markets that include Dallas, San Diego and Atlanta. The tool compares advertised prices at retailers with physical stores, and not at online rivals like Amazon.com that also offer low prices on staples.

“You can think of the app as a post-purchase ad match. We are really making it easy in that you don’t have to look through those circulars anymore, you don’t have to know what’s on sale at another retailer,” Walmart spokeswoman Molly Blakeman said.

Asked why Walmart doesn’t just implement the lowest price right away, Blakeman said, “This tool is in place for the chance that there is a lower advertised price out there.”

Here’s how the tool works: A customer has to set up an account on http://www.walmart.com, log onto the Savings Catcher page and type in the number on their receipt.

Savings Catcher compares prices of every item on the receipt to a database of advertised prices of competitors that’s provided by an undisclosed third party. The tool doesn’t apply to general merchandise like clothing or electronic gadgets.

Walmart prices are matched to stores based on geographic location. For example, in Atlanta, Walmart compares prices to nearly 20 rivals, including Aldi, CVS, Food Lion, Target and Dollar General.

Any difference in prices is put on a Walmart online gift card. Customers can accumulate savings or use the credit immediately. They can redeem in stores or online by printing out the gift card receipt.

Cal State San Bernardino Marketing Professor Victoria Seitz warned consumers there’s a price to be paid for using an app like this.

“That price is your privacy. They’re going to know about your shopping habits,” she said.

Ken Perkins, president of retail research firm Retail Metrics LLC, said the move will “put pressure on everyone else to follow suit.” But he and other industry watchers voiced concerns that the tool doesn’t compare prices of online retailers.

Meanwhile, Walmart said it wants to see how competitors and customers respond to the program, but it doesn’t have any plans to add online stores to the test.

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To get the APP and sign up go to these links




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Apple Certification Service, Factory Trained

The separator of our Apple Service from the others. We are factory trained and have been for years, as you can see. This is NOT the only Certificate from Apple but I believe you get the point. Why trust someone who claims to know Apple products when we are trained. Come see us.

Apple Certification

Apple Certification


AML Computer Services


258 Beartooth Parkway Suite 180

Dawsonville, Ga. 30534


Satisfaction and Price guarantee, you betcha! We have one.

Our price guarantee is simple. It is a price guarantee that we can fix the computer for the price we guarantee or less. This means your expectations meet our results. We don’t charge for a diagnostic fee on anything that only takes us a few moments. We didn’t start this computer repair company to see how much money we could make on people. We started it to help people find a cost effective, honest solution to their repair needs.

When you buy a computer from us if you have a warranty repair issue we make sure we help you interact with the manufacturer at no cost to you. If you buy a factory refurbished computer from us we will warranty it for a year. When you buy a used computer from us we warranty that for 90 days. How our parts replacement works is we will replace any part AT cost and not charge labor during that warranty period.

If we don’t believe we can fix something with your 100% satisfaction, we won’t even try. We do utilize other computer and cell phone related companies in the area to get your item serviced correctly. We know them, we have talked to them and trust them to take care of the customers of this area.

So we don’t just have a price guarantee we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We don’t try to be the lowest price in town, we strive to be the best in town.

We greatly appreciate the customers of Dawsonville and surrounding areas and are constantly striving to serve them better.




Managed Services, what is it, is it necessary, is it useful?

The other day I heard a company advertise on the radio “free managed services for one year with purchase of a new computer” and then it said “it will keep your computer running fast and virus free”. Sounds like something good doesn’t it? So, exactly what is it and is it for you or your business? There are several things you need to ask yourself and know about managed services to be able to make that decision.

Realize that managed services is actually tracking your computer usage. So make sure the company you choose is trustworthy.

Some ISP’s sell a form of managed services and even charge you $10 a month for an anti-virus program. Anti-virus programs generally run $60 or less, so why pay that ISP $120? Several very good anti-virus programs are available for free.

  • Does the company have the staff to handle the amount of managed services they sell?
  • What are they actually doing for the price I am paying per month?
  • Are they farming out the call center support to another country?

So with those questions in mind, is managed services good? SURE! just pick the right company like Netflow Solutions. Mike Holland has owned this company for years and does it right. High level of security and very trustworthy. Now, he’s not really for the individual but more for a business.

For individuals and small businesses you need to discuss options with your local IT person from  your area to see what they offer and if you need it. AML Computer Services does offer a type of managed services and can guide you to what you need.

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Cell phone repair in Dawsonville, here’s what you need to know

Cell phone repair in Dawsonville, Ga and surrounding areas is hard to find. Except for those people that “know someone that works on cell phones” and they don’t have a real business and if they destroy your phone you have no recourse. It’s not that simple though. There are places that work on electronics or whatever that have added on cell phone repair because they “know something about them”. Don’t be fooled, they are twice the price of our service and you may not get your phone back at all or fixed right. We don’t order our parts from some online auction site such as Amazon or eBay. We also don’t charge twice the cost of the part. If you are paying too much or it’s too cheap, you need to evaluate why. That old saying “you get what you pay for” will surely be true if you choose the wrong person to work on your phone. We have had incidences where someone “watched YouTube” to replace a screen and they ended up bringing it to us to fix. If someone else works on your phone and we have to fix what they didn’t do right plus the original repair, it will cost you more. Why not just bring it to a reputable place first. You paid hundreds of dollars for that device or at least to replace it may cost that. Why would you want to risk that kind of money? We are the only place recommended by both AT&T and Radio Shack in Dawsonville, Ga for your cell phone repair. The reason is simple, we are fast, high quality and low cost to fix your cell phone right the first time.

We are licensed and insured to protect your valuable devices and data. Can others say that? We are also a well established business in the are with a great reputation. We had a customer come in the other day and say 5 out of 6 people recommended us for cell phone repair. We don’t know who the 6th person is and oddly they have never been heard from again 🙂 Seriously, that’s awesome to us, 5 out of 6. In addition to that, we had someone come in the other day that had gone to one of those places that saw we were doing cell phone repair and decided to add it on. Oddly, they are pretty close to us too. Somehow that customer decided to come here, I guess to get a second opinion. What they found out? We were HALF the price of the other place using OEM parts! So come on out and check us out for the best price and highest quality.

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Cell phone repair, computer repair – partnerships with local businesses

We partner with some companies but not others, here’s why… AML Computer Services has established itself in the Dawsonville, Ga and surrounding area as the best, most honest, fairest price computer repair and cell phone repair facility around. Now others have decided to get in on a piece of what has been established. Before you make a choice where to have your computer repair or cell phone repair done make sure you evaluate who they are and why they are there. If they have copied our website, copied someone’s business model, copied advertising, etc. maybe there’s a reason. It might not be the best reason. It might be because they have unscrupulous business and personal dealings. Some people can’t simply go out and make a business for themselves they have to steal, lie and cheat.

We don’t charge twice what we get parts for, we don’t scare you into spending what you don’t need to spend, we don’t claim to have technicians that don’t exist or can’t do the job. What you do get is a quality job, someone that is trustworthy and the best price we can give you and still stay in business. That is why the only computer repair and cell phone repair we partner with in the area is Computer Medics of Lanier. So if you are in the Cumming, Dawsonville, Dahlonega, Big Canoe, Jasper, Gainesville, Marble Hill, Blue Ridge, Cleveland and surrounding areas, the two of us are here to help you get the best quality, best cost, best service that is available.

We don’t have to offer 10% off the other guy in town because we are already lower on our pricing than them. We get our parts directly from local OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) suppliers and they carry a warranty. If you are a business needing IT Support why would you pay someone a monthly fee to be “on call”. We don’t charge our customers for phone or remote support and our price is the same whether you bring something to us or we come to you. We also offer free pickup and delivery if that is what you want or need.

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What are you looking for?

When you go out to buy a new computer you go to a place expecting to get someone knowledgeable about the product you are trying to purchase, right? If you go to a local business you are not only getting that but you should be getting personalized service. That is what we offer at AML Computer Services.

When you come in here to us we know the products we are selling and what we are working on. You don’t need to “phone a friend” . We sell quality products and want to put you into the right computer to fit your needs. When you go to one of those big box places do you have expert advice on what you are purchasing? Probably not and you may need to “phone a friend” if you go there but even if you do but don’t expect them person to talk to your friend and neither will we.

We are here for you before, during and after the sale or repair of your computer. This also goes for our cell phone repair but we don’t sell those.

We sell factory refurbished laptops and desktops that carry a warranty. A factory refurbished laptop or desktop is new. These are ones that the big box people bought pallets of and tried to sell. They have an agreement that they can send them back if they don’t sell. None of our factory refurbished units have ever been in an individual’s hands and returned.

Our used laptops and desktops have been gone over thoroughly by us and cleaned up from any old data and they come with a 90 day warranty.

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Website add-ons, toolbars, be careful

Websites or programs that want you to add on their toolbar are causing your computer to slow down. Even Adobe now wants to add on Mcafee Security Scan and it’s simple, don’t do it. For one thing if you do allow Adobe to add on this Mcafee Security Scan and you already have an anti-virus program it will interfere and cause neither to properly protect you. So watch what you are installing and uncheck toolbars and other add-on things.

I also recommend that you set programs that want to do updates to only download the update and let you install it when you are ready. The reason is that especially Windows updates will reboot your computer on their own. You never know what kind of data loss can occur.

I also want to steer you away from loading any registry fix program like Registry Mechanic or PC Doctor. Unless you are willing to pay them the full price to do the job you are only adding on a program that is aggravating and will slow your computer down dramatically.

Add on screensavers as cool as you think they are too often add on their own toolbars and other things that are basically malware. This is especially true with some seemingly harmless things like Bearshare. Bearshare to me is nothing more than a virus or malware. Bearshare is supposedly a music sharing site. It will cause your internet browser to redirect every time you try to search. It is extremely difficult to get rid of and can even cause you to have to completely reload Windows. There are many others like that too one example is those come in the forms of smiley faces toolbars.

If you use a fileshare program like Limewire or any torrent site where you are downloading and sharing illegal music and programs, you are opening yourself up to a world of problems. These can easily include identity theft and viruses.

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