Website Hosting

Website hosting and web site design are two things that go hand-in-hand and are extremely important. In addition to website hosting you also have domain name registration. So, I want to take a minute to tell you what to look for with all these things. This  is based on what I have seen when it’s not done right by web design companies and how to avoid a problem for the website that you own.  This is strictly to help you find the right person to handle these functions for you.

  • Domain Registration – Domain registration is the preliminary step to website hosting. When this is done make sure whoever is doing it for you uses your name, address, phone number and an email address that you own and intend to use and have access to for the duration of the website.
    • If you decide to move your website the email address associated with the website is the main way you will be contacted. If this email address is owned by someone else, including the website design company, you may have issues moving the website.
    • My opinion is that the domain registration and website hosting should be done by the same company.
  • Website Hosting – Website Hosting is where the physical files for your site are stored. This is important because you own the files. That is what you paid for and that is what you need if you move to another website hosting company.
    • Do not let the website designer do website hosting on thier server.
      • They are only doing this to charge you a monthly maintenance fee.
      • It means they have complete control over your website files that you own and if you get ready to change, they may give you a hard time about getting those files.
    • Monthly fees are directly from the website designer and are not a standard part of website hosting.
  • Website Design – Make sure they are using a website design program or language that is common and popular.
    • WordPress and Joomla are the two most popular but are not cross compatible.
    • Most of the website design places that you can do yourself are not cross compatible to WordPress, Joomla or other website design programs.

Website Hosting, Domain Registration and Website Design final thoughts

You paid for this, you own it. Make sure you can easily move it around or change companies as you deem necessary. We use GoDaddy because we register, host and build your site on their plan using WordPress. We also put it on your account, with your credit card so it bills you directly, allowing you to have control over the process. It ensures that you don’t have a problem with ownership of the files, site name or any other part of the process. GoDaddy also has a great, built-in backup and anti-virus program of thier product. You don’t have to use GoDaddy ( but make sure all those things are in the package you choose when choosing someone to build your website.


Rick Eubanks

AML Computer Services, LLC