What makes us different

I am often asked what AML means, it is the initials of our first daughter Anastasia-Marie Liane.

The day this company was formed it was done so with two things in mind. A need to make sure I didn’t depend on anyone but myself to support her and the desire to give people an alternative to the “big box” giants that only care about their profits. So that is why we specifically wanted to make sure that home users, home based businesses and small business had someone they could find and count on to be honest and give them the best price possible.

Our tagline of “Why hire a squad when you only need one?” was conceived by my wife based on my conversations with her about how I wanted the company and it’s services to be performed. We wanted to offer home users and small business a place to go for computer repair that was local that can be trusted.

These “big box” places will try to push you to buy what they want you to have based on money in their pocket. They hire supposed “geeks” with no real world experience that will say anything they believe is right to get the business. If you have these people come to your house you are literally paying for the “squad” instead of just paying for what you need. You don’t really want someone that “knows how to work on a computer” based on what they claim or someone that took a test and passed. That’s what you get at those places. At AML Computer Services we have real world experience working for corporations and now I am proud to bring that technology, knowledge and experience to you to give you the best computer repair and cell phone repair in Dawsonville and surrounding areas.

We have a location you can come to and see our operation. We don’t work out of a house where there is no measure of accountability. We are insured, a registered business within the area, with a store front where you can come by and because of this you have a 100% confidence in our work and your satisfaction.

With over 30 years in the computer field there isn’t much I haven’t seen. I do not claim to know everything but 30 years gives you a great advantage on troubleshooting problems and finding low cost solutions. We have many certifications but a lot of people can just pass a test to get those. With real world experience in repair, we can fix it.

I listen to your needs and find you the best solution for the best price I can offer. I haven’t just “worked around” and “know some things about computers”. I have been the hands on technician in the computer field since my military service in 1982. I don’t find a need to post my entire resume try our services and you will see the difference¬†

My wife and I support the local community with the Humane Society of Dawson County, Dawson County High School and Chamber Members. This means the money you spend with us comes right back into your community.

We welcome your business and appreciate the opportunity to help you with your computer repair and cell phone repair needs. Please visit our Services tab to find out what else we can help you with.

You can now also check out what we have for sale on line. We have a variety of laptops, desktops, computer accessories for sale and even cell phone accessories for sale.