Windows XP, no more

Windows XP having been around for 12 years, Microsoft is ending support. “after April 8, 2014, technical assistance for Windows XP will no longer be available, including automatic updates that help protect your PC.” the article on Microsoft’s website about Windows XP further states that no security updates will be available. If you would like to you can read the whole article here

Bye Bye Windows XP

Bye Bye Windows XP

It is because of this decision that Microsoft made about Windows XP that we made a decision last year.  As of January 1, 2014 that we will no longer buy or sell used computers that have Windows XP. This does NOT mean we will not continue to service them as best that we can. 

Microsoft is a monopoly no matter what they want to say or what the government wants to say. When Microsoft makes a decision, like they have with Windows XP, it affects the consumer. The affect on the consumer in this case is that it’s forcing you to update your computer. At the current time the operating system that Microsoft wants to push on you is Windows 8. There are still some stragglers of last years model PC’s that are available with Windows 7. I have also seen that some computer manufacturers are offering Windows 7 loaded on purchases of some new laptops and desktops. Once these available licenses, known as product keys, are depleted you will only be able to get Windows 8.

Alternative to Windows XP from AML Computer Services

At the current time we can offer Windows 7 on a lot of laptops and we are custom building desktop computers with Windows 7. Windows 7 is a great alternative to Windows XP. It has the basic look and feel of Windows XP but Windows 7 is much more robust and has a 64 bit operating system where Windows XP mostly shipped with 32 bit. What is the difference you ask? What is the difference between a 4 lane highway and and 8 lane highway? Get the point? More traffic can move faster with 64 bit than 32 bit.

So come out and see us at AML Computer Services. We can help you navigate the information super highway faster and right into the future.

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